Iraq renews its surgical light fleet

25 Febrero 2020

Nearly 70 Epure surgical lights installed in Kirkuk province

The province of Kirkuk, in the North of Iraq has chosen Surgiris and Made in France products for its surgical lights. 

Nearly 70 Epure light head have been installed in 7 hospitals in the province, most of them in double ceiling configurations with a monitor support arm and Nomadeo wireless cameras. 

Other configurations are essentially mobile lights that can be transported and used according to the hospital's needs. 

The Epure light offers excellent value for money with advanced technology and patented innovations while not forgetting the essentials for a surgical light: perfect brightness and optimal vision comfort for surgeons. 

Thus, the Epure surgical light offers a luminous intensity of 160,000 lux which remains constant whatever the diameter illuminated. Keeping maximum luminous intensity, even on very large field diameters? It is now possible with the Epure (and all Surgiris surgical lights with the Focusmatic patented technology). 

The Epure surgical light also allows you to control the 3 different parameters (light intensity, focus, colour temperature) with a simple movement of the hand. Sterile personnel can therefore adapt the lighting to their needs in complete autonomy, without asking to an operating room nurse. 

For more information on this light, do not hesitate to consult its product sheet by clicking here or to contact us directly here.

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