Surgiris innovation : medical pendant

  • E-Brake electromagnetic brakes

    A revolutionary medical pendant

    Electromagnetics brakes make the equipment very simple and easy to use. Coupled with friction brakes, the e-brake brakes allow gradual application of braking, with no sticking or locking-on. In an emergency, Surgiris Genius medical pendant, fitted with e-brakes, can still be moved on their bearings. Moreover, their operation does not require a dedicated compressed air network, unlike medical pendants fitted with pneumatic brakes. E-brake medical pendants thus require less maintenance and are less expensive to install.

  • Optional functionality for greater comfort

    An easy-to-use medical pendant

    To make its medical pendants simpler to use and more comfortable for patients, Surgiris offers a number of optional features. Brake operation lights make the medical pendant easier to move since they tell the operator which brake has been released. Moreover, dimmable indirect LED background lighting has been added to facilitate endoscopic procedures or simply to improve the patient’s care environment.  A music module can also be added to the medical pendant so that the service aid can play calming music during procedures which the patient may find stressful.

  • Large passageways for cables

    An easy-to-install medical pendant

    The Genius range of medical pendants is made from rounded aluminium profile sections, capable of carrying heavy loads. Their large cross-sectional area (more than 100 cm²) and the passageways through the linkages, 113 mm in diameter, easily accommodates electrical cables, conduits for video cables and tubing for medical gases. Its design delivers impressive resistance to torsion and bending. The absence of visible fastenings and the smooth design of the Genius medical pendant also makes it easier to clean.

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