Surgiris innovation : surgical light

  • Focusmatic patented technology

    A revolution for a surgical light

    Surgiris LED surgical lights are the only lights which benefit from the innovative and patented FOCUSMATICTM technology. By combining sophisticated electronic management of the LEDs with an optical device specific to each LED, the FOCUSMATICTM technology has revolutionised the “focussing” function required for a surgical light.

    The FOCUSMATICTM technology adjusts the diameter of the light field with no loss of intensity of the central illuminance, even for very large spot sizes. Thanks to this unique technology, developed by Surgiris, the central illuminance (Ec) remains constant regardless of the diameter of the light field.

    The system focuses the beams of surgical light at a point 1 metre from the lighthead using an optical component mounted over the array of LEDs, plus a collimator. One of the strengths of this technology is that is has no moving parts, which improves its reliability.

  • Optical independence of each module

    A surgical light with an ideal dissolution of shadows

    To achieve the ideal dilution of shadows, which is of paramount importance in enabling surgeons to work under optimal lighting conditions, Surgiris surgical lights are manufactured such that the optical devices specific to each module are independent. Accordingly, each “petal” diffuses a light spot which is superimposed on the field generated by the other petals. Consequently, even when one or more heads blocks the light field, no shadow appears at the circumference of the spot.

  • Intelligent LED management and control

    An intelligent surgical light

    Every LED on every Surgiris surgical light is electronically managed, protected and controlled. Our products host an array of sophisticated technologies to deliver four key functionalities:

    • CCL (Constant Colour Lighting level): The electronic management and control of the LEDs is configured so as to keep the light intensity and colour temperature constant for the entire lifespan of the LEDs. To achieve this, each LED card is electronically independent and fitted with 6 heat sensors to measure the temperature continuously for optimal thermal regulation.
    • EFA (Electronic Focus Adjustment): This focussing system adjusts the diameter of the light field electronically – with no moving parts. Unlike most surgical lights, the lightheads designed and manufactured by Surgiris have no moving parts which might wear or break. This greatly reduces the maintenance tasks required.
    • APM (Automatic Preventive Maintenance): Provides integrated preventive maintenance of the surgical light. A microprocessor manages, controls and protects the LEDs continuously.  Surgiris has programmed the ageing curves for the various LEDs into the firmware so that each card’s computer can make an electronic correction for the loss of performance and thus maintain a constant luminous flux from year to year.
    • WCT (Wireless Communication Technology): The surgical lights and any video equipment are equipped with wireless technology to allow total integration into the systems operated by compatible hospital suites.

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