The wireless technology at the service of operating theaters

16 July 2019

Live the NOMADEO experience...

Much more than a simple accessory, the wireless camera has become an essential working tool for surgeons. Over the time, the medical community has revolutionized and incorporated new devices to continually support surgeons and nurses at the heart of their daily activities.

Because progress has no limits, Surgiris presents its wireless camera NOMADEO, an alloy of modernity and ergonomics. This accessory, real tool for enriching the patient file and improving teaching, is able to connect at any time on our range of surgical lights MT and EPURE.

How to use it ?

During one of your surgical interventions, integrate your wireless camera NOMADEO and benefit from enriching images that will complete your patients' files with new data or illustrate your remarks to your students.

One camera, two possible configurations : 

  • Camera on the light head : In this first configuration, the wireless camera NOMADEO is fitted at the center of the light head of your surgical light into the sterilizable centrale handle. 
  • Camera on the separated arm : In this second configuration, the wireless camera NOMADEO is placed on a separated suspension arm, offering great mobility regardless of the positionning of the light head.

Compatible with our Full HD video management, we invite you to consult the opportunities available to you by clicking here.

Why choosing the wireless camera NOMADEO ?

  • No need to anticipate the addition of a camera and to plan a video preparation beforehand. How ? This accessory can be added at any time on our surgical lights of last generation. The only step consists to simply plug a video preparation KIT on your light head and the camera becomes immediatly functional !
  • An incomparable image quality. If you are sensitive to very high image resolution, you will be happy to know that our wireless camera NOMADEO offers a Full HD image with a resolution of 1080p60 ! 
  • A Plug & Play system. This system allows you to connect and disconnect the camera from your surgical lights simply by pushing a button. The advantage ? A single camera can be used in several operating rooms according to the needs of the medical staff, optimizing your costs !

More information :

If you would like more information about our wireless camera NOMADEO, we invite you to directly contact our commercial team by filling this form

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