The Vergers Clinic opts for our MT range

11 March 2019

Our MT range of surgical lights installed in Switzerland

The Vergers Clinic in Meyrin, Switzerland, was developed by doctors to specialize in outpatient treatment and patient well-being. 

With facilities at the edge of technology, this establishment wants to provide the best possible cares. That's why they opted for our X2MT/X3MT surgical lights to equip many of their operating rooms. 

Composed of our X2MT surgical light with two petals and our X3MT surgical light with three petals, this range has a body completely covered with aluminium, ensuring its users an incomparable comfort of use. Slight and easy to handle, this surgical light only causes a weak perturbation of the laminar flow, a setting that is particularly appreciated by hospitals.

Despite the duration of an operation, our MT range is able to maintain the same luminous intensity as well as a constant color temperature during an entire surgery. Its variable color temperature up to 5 000 K and its luminous intensity of 160 000 Lux produce an excellent color rendering with a Ra of 98 and a R9 of 99. Thanks to its depth of field of 70 centimeters, this surgical light is able to adapt to any type of operation !

What makes it an excellent surgical light ? Its exclusive patented technology FOCUSMATIC allows it to maintain its maximum luminous intensity regardless of the illuminated field diameter, from the smallest to the widest.

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