Surgiris will hold a conference on surgical light during Hopital Expo Trade Fair

9 May 2018

How to optimize surgical light in its operating room ?

During next Hopital Expo Trade Fair, Thursday 31st May 2018, Surgiris will hold a conference at UniHa (French central purchasing) booth.

Our Industrial Director, Denis PAPIN, will speak about LED technology in surgical light.

Indeed, hospital facilities equip their operating rooms with LED surgical lights, which can emit homogeneous and adjustable light without any heat variation. LED technology especially allows to control colour temperature, for optimum visual comfort and higher flexibility.

Surgiris, at the cutting-edge of technology, will present its recent technologies breakthroughs in the field of LED, its benefits and disadvantages. You will also be able to discover our innovative solutions, through our patented technologies and savoir-faire.

Come to assist to the conference on UniHa booth (B11), Thursday 31st May 2018 at 12.00 pm.

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