Surgiris surgical light in the biggest operating theater in the world

11 July 2017

The IRCAD of Strasbourg has chosen Surgiris surgical lights for its cutting-edge surgery center  

At the end of June, an article entitled  "Why French surgery is exported all over the world" was published in Challenges magazine (French economic magazine) about a surgery center equipped with Surgiris surgical lights. In fact, it's the IRCAD, which is recognized worldwide as a reference in training center of minimally invasive surgery, located in Strasbourg (east of France).The IRCAD is a nonprofit research and education institute, which exists for 25 years, where a lot of surgeons are trained on cuttiing-edge minimally invasive surgery methods. In this institute, you can find the biggest operating theater of the world equipped with twenty of our surgical lights : X2  and X3 of the range MT, and  Kalea 20 and 30.

Kalea is a surgical light particularly well suited to the most demanding specializeed surgeries, thanks to its large depth of field and wide illuminated field which allow an unequalled visual comfort for surgeons. MT surgical light (Multi-Temperature) is known to be efficient and compact with a large field diameter for multi-purpose surgeries.

Designed and manufactured in France by Surgiris, our surgical lights have exceptional characteristics which meet requirements of surgeons, such as a color temperature adjustable from 3500K to 5000K or a focus adjustable up to a diameter of 37 cm.

The Kalea 20, Kalea 30, the X2 MT and  X3 MT are innovative surgical lights thanks to their white, red and cyan LEDs which allow to obtain an excellent Colour Rending Index up to 99 (Ra). These equipments also have an intelligent control of the LEDs and the patended FOCUSMATIC technology. Thanks to this technology, developed by Surgiris, the central illuminance (Ec) remains constant regardless of the diameter of the light field.

For more informations about products and theirs options, we invite you to consult surgical light's product sheet of Kalea (20 et 30) as well as those of the MT line (X3 MT and X2 MT). If you have any questions about our surgical lights or our pendants, don't hesitate to contact us.


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