Surgiris, speaker in Vietnam

29 July 2019

Da Nang, the place to be in July...

Surgiris was invited to the National Medical Equipement Conference, a conference organized from 26 to 27 July in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Organized by the Vietnam Association "Medical Equipment", this national conference brings together each year more than 700 biomedical engineers and purchasing managers. This event propose several interventions essentially centered around the technology within the hospitals and the specific progress of tomorrow...

Participating in this conference is the opportunity for Surgiris to meet its futur customers and share with them its expertise in surgical lights and video integration system.

The promise of two rewarding days...

This year, the several interventions had as a guideline : "Improve Management Capacity, Update Science and Technology information of medical devices". On the program, scientific reports, introduction of technology at the heart of hospitals and thematic conferences.

The National Medical Equipment Conference is two rewarding days focused on technical progress on the one hand, and medical advances on the other hand. The first day has been devoted mainly to various medical reports and the introduction of technology in hospital, and the second on current and future scientific progress.

What about Surgiris ?

Surgiris was invited to speak during the first day, on the theme "How to choose a surgical light and take the lead in video integration in operating room ?".

The conference besing very technology-focused, we decided to present the way to choose a surgical light and to talk about video integration.

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