Our surgical lights in the heart of a Turkish advertising

11 February 2019

Our X2MT surgical light, an equipment of choice

Tümdef, a major Turkish medical center recently shot an advertisement conveying the following message : "Medical equipments save lives".

From the electrocardiogram to the scalpel, Tümdef wanted to highlight various medical equipments, including our X2MT surgical light appearing several times. Its goal ? Show that innovation in the medical sector is essential to save lives and should not be neglected. They trusted us, why not you ?

As a part of our MT range, the X2MT surgical light, composed of two petals and a body completely covered with aluminium has been designed to only cause a weak perturbation of the laminar flow, an essential element that we take into account during the development of our devices.

Our strong argument ? Durability. This range of surgical lights incorporates intelligent LED control, contributing to its reliability and maintenance of its performance even after several hours of operation. In order to optimize the visual comfort of the medical personnel, this technology allows our devices to maintain their luminous intensity and constant color temperature during the whole of a single surgical procedure. Synonymous with performance, our MT surgical lights range offers an excellent color rendering with a Ra of 98 and a R9 of 99. Thanks to its luminous intensity of 160 000 Lux and its variable temperature from 3 500 K to 5 000 K, the medical staff has an excellent visibility, ensuring the smooth running of a surgical operation.  

You probably alrealy know our exclusive patented technology FOCUSMATIC ? If this is not the case, here is what it provides for our surgical light : the FOCUSMATIC offers a light field diameter able to cover very large spots, whatever the type of operation, while maintaining its maximum luminous intensity. 

If you too want to modernize your establishment and are interested in our MT surgical lights range, do not hesitate to consult its product sheet or to contact us directly by completing this form.

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