Our surgical light X1 in an article from Hospihub

25 October 2016

The Ghandi Clinic renews with the surgical light X1 

Our surgical light X1 appeared recently in an article from Hospihub. Actually, the new turn for the Ghandi Clinic in Casablanca is mentioned. Indeed, following a context of upgrading, the clinic equipped his establishment with the most advanced equipment in terms of assisted reproduction. 
For this, the Ghandi Clinic has opted for our X1 surgical light. Placed in the puncture room for the IVF center of the establishment, the surgical light will be a major tool for the examination of patients. Created and designed by Surgiris, the LED surgical light X1 is innovative. In fact, it incorporates the intelligent LED control and have our exclusive technology patented FOCUSMATIC. This surgical light revolutionary the focusing function and allows to adjust the diameter of the illuminated field to very large stain without affecting the intensity of the central illumination.
Discover all the technical features of our surgical light X1.
And if you want to read the article of Hospihub it’s here.

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