Dora Nginza hospital

24 July 2017

Dora Nginza hospital has choosen a Surgiris surgical light for his operating theater 

Since a few weeks, the public hospital Dora Nginza located in South Africa has acquired a Surgiris surgical light. In fact, it is now possible to find in the operating theaters of this establishment the X2ST surgical light  associated with the X3ST surgical light

Our ST line is composed of X2ST surgical light as well as X3ST surgical light. These are recognized by surgeons and nurses to be compact, effective and multi-purpose. X2ST and X3ST surgical lights are lights of choice for general surgery and obstetrics, which can be installed according to various configurations (you can find more informations about this on the product sheet). All our LED surgical lights are innovative medical devices made in France and have an intelligent control of the LEDs and the patented FOCUSMATIC technology (which allows to adjust electronically the diameter of the light field by maintaining a constant central illuminance). The particularity of the X2ST surgical light (and X3ST) compared to the others lights that we propose, is that the colour temperature is fixed at 4200K. To better satisfy you, Surgiris proposes several options to complete your surgical light. In fact, it is possible to choose the integration into a compatible multimedia hospital system, the video preparation, the remote controle, the single-use handle or the Emergiled back-up power supply.

In order to improve visual comfort of surgeons, Surgiris also offers a surgical light  with adjustable colour temperature (MT range) which can vary from 3500 to 5000K. If you want more informations about our sugical light  X2MT or X3MT we invite you to consult the product sheet.  If you have questions about our surgical lights or our pendants, don't hesitate to contact us


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