CHU of Besançon chose Surgiris surgical light

12 April 2018

CHU of Besançon opted for surgical light from Kalea range

Universitary Hospital Centre of Besançon chose Surgiris to equip its operating rooms. Through UniHa, a french central purchasing, CHU ordered :

  • 2 double configurations K20 - K30 with HD camera Plug'n Play
  • 2 simple configurations K20
  • 1 double configuration K20 - K30
  • 1 simple configuration X3MT

Kalea offers a large depth of field and a wide illuminated field, what makes this surgical light particularly well suited to the most demanding specialized surgeries. Thanks to our patented FOCUSMATIC technology, it is possible to adjust the illuminated field diameter up to a very large spot size, between 33 and 37 cm depending on model, with no loss of central lighting intensity.

The Kalea range lights are particularly suitable for illumination of deep cavities. Optical independence of each LED modules improves shadows dissolution and ensures excellent homogeneity of colours and light. Kalea sugical light offers a very good reproduction of red colours (R9=99) but also an excellent rendering index colour (Ra=99). 

Images capture will be possible thanks to our HD camera, which CHU of Besançon can use for teaching or documentation archiving.

For more information about Kalea range, you can read about the data sheet as well as that for video solutions.

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