AFIB 2016 : Post show report

12 October 2016

Positive results after these AFIB days.

During AFIB congress, our Executive Director, Denis Papin, has intervened during a conference about connected maintenance applied on surgical light.

Indeed, it already exists a possibility to connect us on the data of the surgical light in order to recover and identify the potential problems. Thanks to its principle of smart surgical light, the Biomedical department will be able to receive a direct signal and diagnosis the problem without blocking an operating room.

During this conference, Mr Papin answered to questions about connected maintenance from our surgical light. Commercial team of Surgiris remain at your disposal if you have any question regarding the connected maintenance to surgical light.

Moreover during these days, the biomedical engineers have been able to participate at the first challenge AFIB 2016 organized by us. Congratulations to Thomas Clément of the hospital of Annecy, winner of this first challenge. He won with a time of 1'42'019 !

See you next year in order to try and maybe win the next challenge !

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