Informations about LEDs

  • What are the advantages of LEDs over halogen lights?

    Advantages of a surgical light with LED : 

    • LEDs emit a uniform, cold light with no UV or infrared radiation
    • Controllable colour temperature
    • Longer lifespan
    • Safe in operation
    • Energy savings thanks to more efficient generation of light
    • Option to mount LEDs on a printed circuit board and to programme them to allow greater control of lighting parameters and other functionalities
  • What does the colour rendering index indicate?

    It measures the performance of a surgical light

    The CRI (or Ra) indicates the ability of a light source to reproduce the various colours of the visible spectrum, without modifying the hues. It is determined by calculating the average value of the non-saturated colours R1 to R8 Note that, when determining the CRI, the primary “strong” red colour (R9) is not considered. For this reason, the R9 value is generally specified separately since it indicates the light’s ability to render bright reds; a key colour in medicine.

    The colour rending index (CRI or Ra) varies as a function of colour temperature. Warm colour lights have a tendency to bias the colour reproduction towards yellow/red (2,700 to 2,900°K) whereas cold colour lights bias towards blue (5,000°K to 6,500°K)

    The colour temperature of Surgiris surgical lights is adjustable (MT product line, EPURE...), from 3,500 to 5,000°K, so that each surgeon can select the visual conditions he or she finds most comfortable.

  • Why do the lightheads contain different-coloured LEDs?

    An even more efficient surgical light

    The spectrum produced by white LEDs has deficiencies in cyan and red colours which prevent good colour rendering, notably of bright or strong reds (Ra and R9). To overcome this colour rendering issue, the deficiencies in the spectral distribution produced by white LEDs can be filled by using coloured LEDs. This is why Surgiris includes LEDs with independent colours (cyan and red) in its surgical lights clusters. Using this technique, Surgiris achieves excellent CRI values (Ra and R9 of up to 98 with MT product line). The independence of the coloured LEDs also reduces the thermal interactions between the LEDs, as well as allowing control of each LED’s luminous flux, thus ensuring controlled ageing.

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